22 May 2008

There Might Be Some Resistance to the Über-Kops?

During the Champions League match I observed a small band of protesters moseying down Main Street. As I left Grotto after the match, they happened to return. Hey, they're protesting the heavy-handed nature and the questionable priorities of the Newark PD! I can support those goals! As I walked with them, I heard tales of Newark PD heavy-handedness that I had seen from afar or suspected. Getting the stories down may (MAY) help people realize that all those dollars being spent to beef up the police force in the name of crime-fighting are, uh, not being very well spent.
Their goals: to photographically document the Newark PD doing things not related to fighting the actual crime problem in this city. In order to encourage a change in the directions and priorities of the Newark PD. Otherwise stated: to get the police to do what should be their actual job. You know, to make the city more safe and secure. Rather than randomly harrassing law-abiding citizens on miniscule formal violations (20 year-olds drinking; people congregating and talking socially; people driving 37 in a "25" zone (that should be a 35 zone); etc.), because there's money to be made in minor formal violations!

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