06 June 2008

Round numbers, please?

One advantage of being in a state with no sales tax is the predictability of prices: listed price = price paid. I somewhat inconveniently forget to do these calculations when out of state.

So....could we please please please get retailers to adopt rational pricing structures that avoid the use of coins whenever possible? For example, BrewHaHa sells their sandwiches for $6.95 and $7.95. An extra-tall coffee costs $1.95. Wouldn't whole numbers work out better for everyone? Is anyone really fooled by coffee that's still "under $2?" Or a sandwich that's about 6 bucks (at $6.95)? I'd like to pay my cash and move on...and do it without having my intelligence insulted.

I don't mean to pick on BrewHaHa...most places on Main Street have these silly pricing structures. Home Grown and the bars (at least in the bar part, not in the restaurant part) seem to be the only places to embrace the ability to use whole-dollar pricing.

But the worst is Panera. I get PENNIES in change when I happen to buy something there. PENNIES! PENNIES!!! Because people are definitely fooled by the $1.99 (or $1.69, or $5.49, etc.) pricing. Pricing that involves people wasting their time with pennies needs to be vocally resisted. Thankfully it's not a regular stop for me.

My call for the eateries on Main Street: please wherever reasonable use whole-dollar pricing! If you need to go to coins, try to limit the need for coins to quarters. And NEVER EVER EVER should anyone in Delaware have to touch a penny!

UPDATE: Even the bar at Grotto plays this stupid game. Seriously, $5.95 for a Sam Adams??? We really need to deal with nickels?

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