12 July 2008

All Cower Before the Newark City Council

From this week's Newark Post:
Kildare's pushes back opening to late July.

To summarize: Kildare's planned to be open by now, but the Newark City Council, in a 4-1 vote on June 9, said, "No, you really should wait on this so we can define the terms of your business to our liking. It won't cost you any money to sit around doing nothing, will it? Well, we frankly don't care." Essentially, the NCC wants a public hearing to restrict the use of the outdoor deck (close at 11 pm S-Th nights, 1 am Fri and Sat nights). Why? Because people might actually enjoy themselves drinking beer outside, and we certainly can't have anyone having fun in Newark!

Of course, the owner of Kildare's caved and said, "That's fine," mainly because he still doesn't have the liquor license and doesn't want further delays or scrutiny from the city. Of course, he didn't say that (savvy to the bullying nature of political power that he is)...but why would you conceivably want to close the deck at 11? Certainly I would like to enjoy a cold malted beverage from time to time on the outdoor deck after 11 o'clock on a weekday. I enjoy drinking beer outside. And the deck overlooks a big parking lot. There is no legitimate city interest in closing the deck early - the city is just acting in typical killjoy mode.

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