17 August 2008

Followup on enforcement of speeding in Newark

In the article referenced in the last post, NCC member David Athey was quoted:
"There are a few places in Delaware where people know not to speed...I want Newark to be one of them."

Restated: we want to be known as a town that is a speedtrap. Where the law is applied differently than it is in most places. We prefer the law to be inconsistently applied and for people visiting the town to be confused, because then we can nail them.

David Athey clearly lives in his own little world in which nobody ever leaves Delaware and everybody knows all of the gossip of all of the small towns in Delaware. Does he seriously believe that (for example) visiting parents of UD students will know that Newark is known as a speedtrap town? He also stated he'd like to use the money on public education...which will not have any effect on anyone outside of Newark. We'll make sure our people know the rules, and then get everyone else. More money for us, no complaints from Newark taxpayers. Yay!

Clearly, if standards are applied differently than in the majority of society, Newark is the inconsistent anomaly, abusing the power of government for its own benefit.

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